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Shoptimizer WordPress Theme v2.7.9 [Activated]

If you run your own WooCommerce store, then you should use Shoptimizer Free Download,and it is not a Shoptimizer nulled theme.

This theme is better than the other WooCommerce theme providers because they mostly focus on the speed of the website, which is the main thing that Google likes.

They reached 10,000+ downloads, which is a huge number of downloads from the theme forest with a 5-star rating.

They really want to help people who are suffering from large loading times, which is why they use minified CSS to improve the site load.

If you find a plugin to minify CSS, then they will charge some high bucks to just solve unused CSS, but they provide it into the theme, which is why the website will load fast.

If you want a separate plugin to remove unused CSS, you can go with FlyingPress, which is the best competitor to Wp Rocket. If you want to download it for free, you can download from our website, FlyingPress.

Image optimization is also necessary for the WooCommerce website, so if you want to improve your image, you can use Imagify. If you want a free download, you can download it from our website.

Shoptimizer Free Download

Shoptimizer Free Download Features

The features of Shoptimizer Theme are out of the box; they use Minify CSS, which is included in the theme. You can customize the theme in all settings according to your choices.

The Fastest eCommerce Theme

For conversions

According to research, even a one-second delay results in a 7% decrease in conversions. For online businesses, this is real money, so speed has become crucial.

Better SEO rankings

The performance of most businesses is greatly influenced by organic search, which is also essential to the buyer’s funnel and, ultimately, to getting users to finish an engagement.

Faster than the competition

Shoptimizer was compared to five of the top WooCommerce themes. Compare the performance, speed, and first meaningful paint time to see how it compares.

Shoptimizer Free Download

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Designed for conversions

Request a call-back feature

We came across an intriguing case study of a website that replaced its phone number with a ‘Call me back’ option and saw a sharp increase in sales while researching eCommerce conversions. This feature was added to Shoptimizer because it’s crucial for businesses that sell high-end, relatively complex products that customers might need more information about before making a purchase.

Sticky product details on scroll

Long single product pages with lots of content can increase conversions by keeping the product thumbnail, title, price, and add to cart button visible while the user scrolls down.

Use trust badges at crucial stages

It’s crucial that a customer feels secure at this point, especially if it’s their first purchase from you. According to studies, 18% of users abandoned the checkout process in the last three months because they lacked confidence in the site with their credit card details. Including your integrated trust badges below the main call-to-action button on the cart and checkout is simple with Shoptimizer.

Include single-product FOMOs

To encourage customers to buy, it is simple to add a timer sales countdown and an animated stock counter to each product. This can speed up a potential purchase by creating a sense of scarcity using real or fake data.

SEO enhancements

Superior product category SEO

For WooCommerce categories, we’ve added a new field that enables much better SEO spidering. Now that you can add featured category text, an image, and more keyword-rich copy below, your website will rank much higher in search results.

A huge impact on SEO rankings

Google changed the way they index websites as of 2018. Mobile first refers to the idea that Google will index and rank your website based on its mobile version, which will be the starting point for both of these processes. Within Shoptimizer, mobile page speed and load time are given top priority, and images are mobile-friendly.


Shoptimizer Free Download1

Elementor is also used in this theme. If you want to download Elemnetor Pro, you can also do so on our website.


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Shoptimizer Free Download Doumentation

If you think that we will provide dedicated support and live updates, which is not possible if you need support, then you should go with the official theme from the official website.

If you are not able to buy this theme, then you can just download it by copying the link below, and this file is completely safe and has no virus.

Live updates are not possible, but if you get a new update, you can come back to our website to download the updated version and upload it manually.


What is Shoptimizer?

The company they provides a light-weight theme to optimize the website.

Is it safe if I download the free version?

Yes, you can download it safely.

On how many websites can I use it?

You can use this file on the Unlimited Website.

Why the Shoptimizer theme?

Because it is speed-optimized.

Shoptimizer Direct Free Download Link

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Shoptimizer WordPress Theme v2.7.9
[Latest version]

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