Rey v2.8.5 WordPress Theme

Rey Free Download is a WordPress theme that can be used for a variety of purposes. With a multitude of homepages to exhibit your work, product category pages for e-commerce, and a plethora of amazing elements to assist you in effortlessly constructing an online store, Rey Theme Free Download is an excellent choice for any kind of business. keep in mind it is not Rey Theme Nulled.

It is ideal for creative individuals who like to showcase their portfolios, as well as for fashion designers, furniture and home décor companies, and other types of businesses including galleries. The promotion of artists’ work is possible. While you are generating any kind of content, you are able to employ a bunch of incredible features.

Rey Free Download WordPress Theme

Key Features of Rey WordPress Theme

  • A single source of truth for your Google and Adobe fonts, Font Preloader helps you prevent performance problems by ensuring proper font loading.
  • Modularity allows for the simple loading and unloading of a wide variety of built-in functionalities. The main approach is to load only what is currently being used.
  • Developer-friendly — Do you enjoy writing code? Wow, we feel the same way! Through the use of hooks and built-in features, functionality can be easily extended.
  • Constructed with the future in mind – Because we need to put in effort and plan forward.
  • Markup that is clean and adheres to web standards is search engine optimization friendly.
  • Integrated support for SVG allows you to insert those nice vector images that are crisp and colorful.
  • Header Builder is a tool that allows you to easily construct headers inline, with or without the requirement for columns, by utilizing Flexbox powers.
  • Footer Builder allows you to display content throughout the entire website by allowing you to fill your footer with any widget you like.
  • Page Covers Builder allows you to embellish the introduction section of any page with aesthetically pleasing text and images.
  • You may easily display complicated navigations with the help of Mega Menu Panel Builder, which also allows you to complement menus with images and other widgets.
  • A smooth page load and scroll entrance animations to wow your visitors are what we mean when we talk about entrance animations.
  • Unique Cover Elements are slideshows that have been hand-coded to give your website a one-of-a-kind effect that is out of the norm.
  • There is a built-in Rey feature that Elementor does not have, and it is called the Multi-rows Section. By displaying the columns of the section as rows, you may avoid using unnecessary markup while still maintaining flexibility.

Changelog in Rey Theme

Nov. 21st, 2023, v2.8.2

  • Enhanced performance: Variation swatches that are out of stock are faded by default, although they can be clicked on.
  • Videos in Lightbox that are creating an overlapping problem have been fixed.
  • Fix: Images in the gallery appear to be missing on occasion;
  • Error: The lightbox image of the product may occasionally become stuck when it is opened;
  • Resolved: The “favorite” icon for the wishlist does not shown on product pages;
  • Resolved: Inline search on mobile devices, and the form may not display at times;
  • Fixed: the Twitter icon has been changed to an X;
  • Resolve: Product shifts connected to mobile devices;
  • Catalogue product slideshows that do not display images correctly on mobile devices will be fixed.

10 Jan 2024, v2.8.4

  • Improvement: Product page’s gallery, disabled images lazy load in favor of browser behaviour;
  • Improvement: Product page gallery, added Counter;
  • Fix: PHP error in the Header account button;
  • Fix: Product videos ratio not working;
  • Fix: Sticky Add to cart bar overlapping main menu on mobile;
  • Fix: Products misalignment on tablets;
  • Fix: Elementor’s Container padding/margins problems;
  • Fix: Accesibillity improvements;
  • Fix: Sticky Add to cart bar, price for multi priced variations;
  • Fix: Header basic CTA, support for inner html;
  • Fix: Rey’s checkout thumbnail, force using “woocommerce_thumbnail”;
  • Fix: Attributes filters, Query type not working with AND;
  • Fix: Prevent empty searching;
  • Fix: Add to cart widget, Stock icon not showing sometimes;
  • Fix: Ajax loaded blog posts having odd spacing;
  • Fix: Product page carousels, conflicting with inner product slideshows;
  • Fix: Compare page, sometimes products inherit attribute data from other products;
  • Fix: PHP deprecation errors;
  • Fix: Filters tax query sometimes overrides previews parameters;
  • Fix: Fullscreen product page layout, support for summary padding;
  • Fix: Extra Variation images, ensure valid attachment IDs storing;
  • Fix: Sticky gallery in product page (using vertical layout);
  • Fix: Offcanvas panels, top gap when logged in;
  • Fix: Flickering in product page’s gallery with single variation selection;
  • Fix: Grouped products compatibility with Select list quantity;
  • Fix: Cart’s cross-sells product carousel, display improvements;
  • Fix: Mobile view switcher, incompatibility with Grid list display;
  • Fix: Cover Side-slide, fade animation problems;
  • Fix: Quickview’s swatches and gallery not updating sometimes;
  • Fix: Title equalize on mobile, on View switcher;
  • Fix: infinite loading offset depending on grid height;
  • Fix: Sorting selector, arrow not clickable;
  • Fix: Listing product items, Sold out badge display per variation;
  • Fix: Wishlist has products when creating account;
  • Fix: Sometimes tooltips show with empty text.

30 Jan 2024, v2.8.5

  • Improvement: Catalog ratings, added option to show stars without product ratings;
  • Improvement: Product mobile gallery added option to peek into next image;
  • Improvement: Product page, new choice to show Rating stars before the title;
  • Improvement: Update ACF Pro to 6.2.5;
  • Fix: Elementor v3.19 compatibility;
  • Fix: Compatibility with picture tags in product page gallery;
  • Fix: Product Grid widget’s Load more not working sometimes with archive templates;
  • Fix: Compare page, not showing rating properly;
  • Fix: Related products mobile carousel with 1 product duplicating;
  • Fix: Split cover in Flex Container;
  • Fix: Price range visual bug in Recent products;
  • Fix: Price in Add to cart button, removed 0 decimals;
  • Fix: Off-canvas panels custom trigger, compatibility with dom changes;
  • Fix: Category filters in show ancestors mode, not showing subcategories;
  • Fix: Header account text not changing on mobile;
  • Fix: Compatibility with Extra variation images and WP All Import;
  • Fix: PHP Notice;

How to Install Rey Theme Easy

Step 1: Download the Rey Theme below

You should download the theme files. In most cases, the files in the theme will be delivered in the form of a ZIP bundle.

Step 2: Log in to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Proceed to the login page of your WordPress website, which is normally located at to log in.
To log in, you will need to enter your username and password.

Step 3: Navigate to the Theme Installation Section

Make sure you navigate to the “Appearance” section of the WordPress dashboard, and then select “Themes.”

Step 4: Upload the Rey Theme ZIP File

Simply navigate to the top of the Themes page and click the “Add New” option.
The “Upload Theme” button should be clicked.
Find the ZIP file containing the Rey theme that you downloaded earlier and then click the “Install Now” button.

Step 5: Activate the Rey Theme

After the theme has been properly uploaded and installed, you can make Rey your active theme by clicking the “Activate” button.

Step 6: Verify and Install Recommended Plugins (if any)

Certain plugins may be required or recommended by Rey in order to achieve best functionality. Proceed with the installation and activation of the suggested plugins if you are prompted to do so.

Step 7: Configure Theme Settings (if necessary)

It is possible that you will be required to configure some settings, depending on the design and functionality of the theme. There should be a section labeled “Theme Options” or “Customizer” within the WordPress dashboard.

Step 8: Import Demo Content (Optional)

Demo content may be provided by certain themes, such as Rey, to assist you in setting up your website in a more expedient manner. If you want to use the demo content, you need look at the documentation for the theme to get instructions on how to import it.

Step 9: Check Your Website

Pay a visit to your website to view the modifications. Now that everything has been properly configured, you should be able to see the Rey theme being utilized on your website.

Best use of Rey Theme that’s makes it Different

  • Utilize Contemporary Components of Design: It is important to pay attention to elements like as typeface, spacing, and color schemes in order to get the most of Rey’s contemporary design.
  • Enhance the visual attractiveness of your content by utilizing high-quality photographs and graphics.
  • A design that is both responsive and mobile-friendly: It is important to make sure that your website appears and performs correctly on a variety of devices. Taking advantage of the fact that Rey is built to be responsive is absolutely necessary.
  • Enhance Operating Efficiency: To guarantee that loading times are as quick as possible, it is important to implement performance optimization strategies such as image compression, lazy loading, and caching.
  • Considering that Rey is well-known for its performance, you need ensure that your website reflects this by providing a user experience that is seamless.
  • Investigate the Features of E-commerce: Ensure that Rey is compatible with WooCommerce to the fullest extent possible if you are operating an online store.
  • Display products in an efficient manner, make use of calls to action that are unambiguous, and improve the checkout process.
  • Personalized Branding for Your Company: You may integrate your website with your business identity by taking use of the various customization options that Rey provides.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable online presence by personalizing the colors, fonts, and layouts of your website.
  • Animation and interaction that are both engaging: The usage of Rey’s animations and interactive components is a great way to keep people interested.
  • Make use of subtle animations to draw attention to important elements on your website, which will ultimately improve the user experience as a whole.
  • A Presentation of the Content: Create material that is of high quality and interesting to the audience.
  • Make use of the layout options that Rey provides in order to present your content in a manner that is visually appealing. Grids, lists, and featured photos are all examples of layout possibilities.
  • Integration of Social Media Sources: Make sure that your material is easily accessible and incorporate buttons that allow users to share it on social media.
  • To display feeds or links to your social profiles, you can make use of the social media integration options that Rey provides.
  • Put into action the advanced features: Investigate and put into action any sophisticated capabilities that Rey offers, such as individualized page designs or post types that conform to your specifications.
  • If you want to customize the header and footer, you should think about using Rey’s advanced settings.
  • Content Should Be Regularly Updated: Ensure that the content on your website is always current and fresh. Blog entries, product listings, and any other content that is pertinent to your website should be updated on a regular basis.
  • Analytics of performance and search engine optimization: In order to monitor the performance of your website, you need use analytics tools.
  • Improve the visibility of your website in search engine results by implementing the best practices for search engine optimization.
  • Participants in the Community: You should think about joining Rey’s community or support forum if it exists so that you can connect with other users and receive assistance when you require it.

Rey Free Download: Demo and Sales

We also provide a demo form so that you can determine whether or not it is worth it before moving forward with anything. A demo is very important before moving forward with anything.

Demo Website Link:

Rey Free Download: Documentation

In the event that you are under the impression that we would provide assistance for this specialized topic, please be aware that this is not something that can be accomplished. In the event that you possess the financial resources necessary to get the official theme, you ought to proceed with the official theme that you have just acquired. In addition to that, you will be provided with assistance and updates in real time.

Those who are unable to pay for this Rey WordPress Theme can download it from our website without any reservations. If you are interested in a new update, you should return to our website, download the updated version, and then manually upload it.

Rey Theme Free Download

Rey Free Download v2.8.2

Rey Free Download v2.8.4

Rey Free Download v2.8.5
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After Extracting, Install Rey as a theme & Rey Core as a plugin.


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