Piotnet Addons For Elementor Pro WP Plugin v7.1.27 [Activated]

A Piotnet Addons nulled plugin for the Elementor page builder called Free Download Piotnet Addons for Elementor expands the capabilities of the Elementor platform. You can add absolute positioning elements and manage the responsive column order of your pages with Piotnet Addons. Inline blocks, gradient text, gradient buttons, and the ability to add links to sections and columns are all features of the plugin.

In addition, you have responsive control over the border width, maximum width of elements, and responsive control over the background image and element color, including custom size and positioning. The plugin also lets you add multiple background images and parallax backgrounds to each element, as well as change the column width in pixels, percentage, or by using the calc function. Lastly, multiple custom URLs can be used to create image carousels.

Free Download Piotnet Addons For Elementor and feel safe because it is not Piotnet nulled
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Piotnet Plugin: Amazing Features

  • Responsive column arrangement
  • Absolute arrangement of the components
  • Show inline blocks
  • Text and button options with a gradient
  • Linking capabilities between sections and columns
  • Maximum element width control
  • Border width that responds
  • Color and background image that adapts
  • Custom size and responsive background position
  • Options for column width in pixels, percentage, or calculation
  • Each element’s background is parallax.
  • Support for multiple background images
  • Multiple custom URLs with an image carousel.

What’s New with Elementor Pro Piotnet Addons?


  • Fix the signature field’s URL and thumbnail.
  • Resolve the PDF problem.
  • Adjust the date field.
  • In the repeater form, fix the select autocomplete field.
  • Adjust the PDF’s custom font.
  • Resolve the conflict with PHP 8.
  • reroute the WooCommerce checkout page.
  • Resolve Paypal payment issues on pop-ups.
  • Media file loading for JS upload
  • Use thousand separators to correct the calculated field’s incorrect calculation.
  • Resolve custom font issues in PDFs.
  • Adjust Take this field out of the repeater.
  • Fix the acceptance field in MailerLite.
  • Adjust the Preview Submission’s default value.
  • Adjust the fill in the pop-up Address Autocomplete field.


  • Step Increment/Decrement button added in Number field
  • Allow a page built by a new custom post type to be utilized as a WooCommerce checkout page. To enable, check the “Piotnet Addons WooCommerce Checkout” metabox.
  • Updated: Stripe error message – get an error message directly from Stripe for incorrect payments.
  • 3D secure card for Stripe payments has been added.
  • If the pick field in the WooCommerce Checkout is empty, a code error occurs.
  • Fixed: An error occurred while hiding API keys on the settings page.


  • Fixed: Stripe integration: receipt_email does not work properly
  • Fixed: Stripe integration: payment description does not work properly

7.1.27 [PRO] (2024/03/11)
Resolved: Incorrect Stripe Subscription: Inability to authenticate using a credit card for 3D Secure Rerurn_URL request alert in Stripe following submission
Enhanced: Conditional logic hidden fields won’t load by default on the first page that opens.

Virus Result of Free Download Slider Revolution

Free Download Piotnet Plugin: Demo and Sales

A demo is very important before proceeding with anything, so we also provide a demo form to check whether it is worth it or not.

Demo Website Link: https://pafe.piotnet.com/

Piotnet Addons For Elementor Installation Guide

Step 1: Download Piotnet Addons For Elementor from the below links

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file using Winrar software.

Step 3: First, install the Xstore theme file in the theme section.

Step 4: Once the theme is installed, upload the Piotnet Core plugin in the Plugin section

Step 5: Done Now you have the latest Piotnet Theme with Demo installation

Free Download Piotnet Addons For Elementor: Documentation

If you think that we will provide support for this dedicated theme, that is not possible. If you are capable of buying the official theme, then you should go with the official theme. You will get real-time updates there and with support.

Those who can’t afford this Free Download Piotnet Addons For Elementor can download it from our website without any hesitation, and if you want a new update, then come back to our website and download the updated version and upload manually.

Piotnet Addons For Elementor v7.1.17

Add-ons Installation Guide: You must upload each Addon’s zip file as a plugin from your WordPress Dashboard or FTP account in order to install and utilize it. Following that, navigate to the piotnet addons for elementor pro.7.1.17[zeyrishop.com] to use or view the installed addons.

Piotnet Addons For Elementor v7.1.22

Piotnet Addons For Elementor v7.1.24

Piotnet Addons For Elementor v7.1.27
[Latest Version]


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