Forminator Pro v1.33 WordPress Plugin [Activated]

A robust and user-friendly form builder for WordPress websites, Forminator Pro Free Download is available for download to individuals. It is not Forminator Pro nulled in any way.Within a single plugin, it provides a wide variety of capabilities that enable you to construct a variety of different things, including forms, quizzes, polls, payments, and more.

Forminator Pro Free Download WP Plugin
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Forminator Pro: Amazing Features

  • For the purpose of capturing leads and gathering user input, you may create interactive quizzes and polls that are both entertaining and interactive.
  • Custom Registration and Login Forms: Provide your users with a personalized experience when they log in or register with your website. Integrated support for multiple sites is included in Forminator Pro, in addition to support for bespoke login and registration forms.
  • Integration with Stripe and PayPal: With the assistance of Forminator Pro, you can effortlessly accept payments and integrate with Stripe and PayPal, both of which are SCA-compliant businesses.
  • Forminator’s signature field allows you to collect digital signatures from your users, which is referred to as electronic signatures.
  • Conditional logic: Make use of conditional logic to design forms that may be customized based on the replies provided by users, improving the overall user experience you provide.
  • The ability to easily add calculations to forms, order forms, or informational calculators is made possible by the Easy Form Calculations feature.
  • Protection against Spam: Ensure the safety of your forms by integrating them with Google ReCAPTCHA, Honeypot, and Akismet technologies.
  • Every form field you may ever require is included in Forminator Pro, from the most fundamental to multi-part forms, file uploads, GDPR permission, and more. Forminator Pro also includes more than 25 form fields.
  • Form Style That may Be Customized You may change the look and feel of your forms to make them more in line with your brand by using different colors, fonts, and container sizes.
  • The use of email routing and conditional emails, as well as the ability to send an unlimited number of individualized email alerts, will allow you to exercise greater control over notifications.
  • Forminator Pro is compatible with thousands of popular email services, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, storage providers, and project management applications. It also integrates with more than two thousand app developers.
  • Management of Submissions: Easily manage all of the information that has been acquired via quizzes, polls, and forms, and export submissions with just one click.
  • Create Stripe subscription payment plans straight from Forminator and configure processing restrictions, trial periods, and plan quantities. This feature is available for use with Stripe subscriptions.

Forminator Pro Free Download: changelog

—1.28.0 (as of November 6th, 2023)—

  • Brand New: Integration with MailJet
  • Brand new: permissions for user roles
  • A version update for the jQuery validation system is an improvement.
  • Compatibility with WordPress version 6.4 is an upgraded feature.
  • A suggestion for improvement: make the checkbox and radio button options random.
  • Improvements made to the way the activity scheduler is handled.
  • CSV exports and database entries that were produced by spam submissions have been fixed.
  • Correction: If the php_uname() function is deactivated on the server, a fatal error will occur.
  • Correction: Before loading the mix panel, check the curl_init file.

= v1.29.0 ( 2023-01-23 ) =

– New: Range slider
– New: PDF Receipt Template
– Fix: Email notification from Save and Continue feature does not support {all_fields} or individual fields
– Fix: Embed URL receives the referrer URL instead of page URL when the form is not loading from Ajax
– Fix: The export of Forminator submissions displays an incomplete URL for the uploaded files.
– Fix: The total value of repeater field groups is not correctly reflected on email notifications
– Fix: Add_form_field API fatal error in PHP 8.0+
– Fix: The repeater field data in the email notification is missing and the submission shows incorrect data
– Fix: If a visibility condition is configured on the Stripe field, payment plan conditions don’t work
– Fix: ActionScheduler crashes website due to outdated table structure
– Fix: Form displays “This value must be greater than or equal to 1” error
– Fix: The Number field decimal doesn’t work on emails
– Fix: When two users submit the form at once, limit submission doesn’t work
– Fix: Export missing field data
– Fix: Required Checkbox triggers an error message on pagination
– Fix: The manual approval of user registration forms doesn’t work when the website URL is too long
– Fix: Zapier WebHook integration missing upload field data
– Fix: On the submission page, the file name of the signature goes outside the box
– Fix: Upload timeout error

= 1.30.2 ( 2024-04-30 ) =
– Fix: Allow deprecated classes to be supported for integrations temporarily

= v1.33.0 ( 2024-07-10 ) =
– Enhancement: Stripe integration with new RAK Keys
– Fix: Border appears around the pagination form when clicking on any unfilled area or rating field
– Fix: Prefixes are not allowed in the Pakistani phone field
– Fix: Clicking the last dot of the pagination indicator skips required fields
– Fix: Custom required alert message does not appear in the Rating field
– Fix: Select field displays the first option instead of placeholder text
– Fix: When switching from Update Existing Template to New Template, the template name disappears from the selection.

Virus Result of Forminator Pro

Forminator Pro Free Download WP Plugin
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Forminator Pro: Demo and Sales

A demo is very important before proceeding with anything, so we also provide a demo form to check whether it is worth it or not.

Demo Website Link:

Forminator Pro: Documentation

If you think that we will provide support for this dedicated theme, that is not possible. If you are capable of buying the official theme, then you should go with the official theme. You will get real-time updates there and with support.

Those who can’t afford this Forminator Pro Free Download can download it from our website without any hesitation, and if you want a new update, then come back to our website and download the updated version and upload manually.

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Forminator Pro v1.33
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