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Bricksforge WordPress Plugin v2.2.3 [Activated]

Bricksforge Plugin is an amazing plugin. You can take your user experience to the next level.

There are so many new things that you can do with this Bricksforge plugin.

We will see all the features that this plugin provides for us. Let’s look into it.

For the sake of satisfaction, you see Bricksforge’s website itself and how clean and amazing its features are.

Bricksforge Plugin Free Download

Bricksforge Plugin Features

If you count the features of this plugin, you will get tired of counting the features. So many are there. We will see what features look like and how they work.


They are originally from Elementor. However, we have been looking for alternatives because the formerly good page builder is heading in a direction that we personally do not like. For us, it was love at first sight with bricks! With it, we create websites from scratch, and every tool we develop for it is done so with passion. Because of this, Bricksforge will likely feature a tool that we actually use.


For them, bricks are not unfamiliar ground. We have worked very hard on the architecture as we developed the Bricks Widget Creator. With the help of that information, we could develop a tool for Bricksforge that feels natural.


They recall it from the days of another extremely well-known page builder. You purchase a number of add-on packages, and eventually you start to feel like nothing is working. Every time there is an update, you worry that everything will fall apart. You are aware that the tools have not been perfectly tuned to the page builder and have only been developed half-heartedly. With Bricksforge, we hope to change that! We write the code in a manner similar to that of the Bricks developers. By doing this, everything is made to fit together.

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Vanilla JS

They create using JavaScript natively! For developers, jQuery is comfortable and convenient, but it is also bulky and bloated. Large jQuery libraries are now present on every website and have a negative effect on speed. At the same time, the majority of jQuery’s features are never used. It is important to us that the performance be unrestricted, even if it requires more work. Activate Vanilla JS!

Lightweight Code

It is almost ironic, in fact. Even for developers, using lean container structures makes more sense than over-stuffing them with classes and confusing styles that make it difficult to keep track of them. Additionally, lightweight DOM structures improve performance.

Nestable Elements

In many situations, nestable elements make perfect sense. You have a lot more creative freedom thanks to this. The feature performs well, especially with repeatable content like sliders or tabs. We want to give you the best quality possible at Bricksforge. Because of this, nestable elements cannot be absent.

Modular Approach

Different tasks and components will be required depending on the project. It would not be practical to load everything each time. That would be a complete waste of talent! Because of this, we give you the option to select the functionality you want to load and the functionality you do not.

White Label

In addition to changing Bricksforge’s name, you can also change how it looks. You will have the option to use a unique logo and change the main color, among other things.


You do not always want to give everyone a choice. Determine which user role can use which functions or elements and how the builder should look for individual user roles. This way, you can consciously divide the tasks within your team.

Customize Bricks

Despite Bricks’ excellent structure and clarity, many users have trouble using it. That’s actually a good thing. Simply put, they lack expertise in such tools. Making things as simple as you can for your clients is your responsibility. Because of this, we ensure that you have a variety of options with Bricksforge to personalize the Bricks interface. We employ native Bricks filters for this. You may specify which user roles should have access to specific elements, for instance, or you could completely hide some regions.

Developer Friendly

You want to dig a little bit further as a developer. Because of this, a lot of our elements will include a group of developer functions that you may choose whether or not to activate. There, you have the flexibility to add sophisticated features, including option arrays for JavaScript libraries or unique hooks.

Community Access

You have access to a member-only section of our discussion board. There, we may talk and support one another. Together, we can improve the product even further.

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More Features of Bricksforge Plugin

  • Builder Customizer
  • Global Class Creator
  • Animations
  • Bricksforge Panel
  • Bricksforge Terminal
  • Pro Forms
  • Popups
  • Elements
  • Backend Designer
  • Email Designer

And other helpful tools

  • Maintenance Mode
  • Font Awesome Pro
  • Custom Fonts Uploader
  • Mega Menu
  • Documentation
  • Community Forum

Bricksforge Plugin Documentation

If you are able to buy this theme from the official website, then we would recommend you go with the Official Theme because there you will have live support and real-time updates.

If you don’t have money and still want to use Perfmatters WordPress Plugin, we are providing the GPL file for this theme. Keep in mind that this is not a nulled version; it is a pure GPL version.

If you want a live update, you have to come back to our website to download the updated version and update it manually. Dedicated support is not possible; you have to check the documantation.

Free Plugin Direct Download Link

Bricksforge Free Download v0.9.7

Bricksforge Free Download v1.0.8

Bricksforge Free Download v2.2.2

Bricksforge Free Download v2.2.3 [Latest Version]

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