Woofunnels WordPress Plugin v3.13.1 [Activated]

Woofunnels is a WordPress plugin that works with Aero to optimize your WooCommerce checkout process. The default checkout pages are frequently not user-friendly or conversion-focused, resulting in lost sales. They also lack testimonials, guarantees, and FAQs and are not optimized for mobile devices, which account for more than half of all traffic.

Woofunnels Free Download v3.9.3

Woofunnels Aero enables you to create a multi-step checkout form with a progress indicator to reduce friction, a product and quantity selector to provide users with control, and sections for credible proof, support, and reasons to buy. You can also embed the checkout form on a landing or sales page and direct traffic to a single-page funnel. These features aid in the persuasion and conversion of prospects, resulting in increased sales on your WooCommerce store.

Woofunnels Plugin Core Features

Multi-step checkout pages

A lengthy checkout form appears to be overwhelming. You can divide it into steps by collecting contact information first, then other information. Capture emails as early as possible in the process.

Mini cart modification

Allow users to inspect items before paying. They have the ability to delete item(s), change the quantity, and view item images. Prepare to provide an excellent user experience.

Fields preview

Let users preview select fields from the previous step on the current step. In case of an error, they can hit change and edit a field right away. The transition between steps is smooth.

Google Address Autocomplete

Mistyping in the address fields frequently results in costly failed deliveries. Users can see matching options after entering a few characters of their street address into address autocomplete.

Reasons to buy

List the reasons for purchasing bullets. Perhaps your company donates to charity, uses organic ingredients, or ships the following day. Whatever the case may be, list the reasons in bullet points.

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  • To reduce friction, it generates a multi-step checkout form with a progress indicator.
  • Provides a product and quantity selector to give users control.
  • Prospects are persuaded by credible proof in the form of testimonials and reviews.
  • Provides a section on customer service in order to gain the trust of customers.
  • demonstrates the value of concise bullet points
  • Allows the checkout form to be embedded on a landing or sales page and directs traffic to a single-page funnel.

Woofunnels WordPress Plugin Changelog

20 September 2023, v3.9.3
In some cases, the PHP error ‘header_already_sent’ appears when tiktok events are enabled. (#5030)
Since the last update, the form field settings for the Gutenberg block have not been working. (#5034)
Custom text area field behavior when text is added with a line break has been improved. (#4783)

= v3.11.0 (2023-11-23) =
* Improved: Compatibility with Woodmart theme updated. (#5077)
* Improved: Compatibility with WooCommerce Inpost updated. (#5079)
* Improved: WooCommerce session sustained during reload in cases of failure. (#5080)
* Improved: Compatibility with Theme Pro builder updated. (#5087)
* Improved: Compatibility with YITH Dynamic pricing updated. (#5092)
* Improved: Allowed multiple IDs tracking for the Pinterest and TikTok. (#5087)
* Fixed: CSS fix when native checkout is built using the block editor. (#5091)

= v3.12.3 (2024-01-24) =
Added: Compatibility with FunnelKit Funnel Builder v3.0.0.
Fixed: Checkout: Compatibility with Shipmondo updated. (#5582)
Fixed: Checkout: PayPal Express checkout button showing twice with payPal for woocommerce addon.(#5586)
Fixed: Checkout: Express button by Woo payment were not showing up since v7.0.0.(#5593)

(2024-02-21) = v3.13.1
* Enhanced: WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant by Aelia plugin compatibility has been updated. (5223).
* Added: Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent plugin compatibility. (5223).
* Enhanced: WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant by Aelia plugin compatibility has been updated. (#5792)
* Enhanced: YITH Dynamic Pricing per Payment Method compatibility for WooCommerce Premium by YITH has been updated. (#5833)
* Enhanced: Updated compatibility with the GeneratePress theme. (#5826)
Updated compatibility for the RY WooCommerce ECPay Invoice plugin is an improvement. (#5826)
* Enhanced: Google address autocomplete for postal codes now includes support for the Netherlands. (5843)
* Fixed: Since WooCommerce v3.6.0, order attribution for WooCommerce had not been functioning. (#5856)
* Fixed: The global settings did not display the Google map address autocomplete settings. (#5859)

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Woofunnels Free Download v3.9.3

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Woofunnels Free Download v3.12.3

Woofunnels Free Download v3.13.1
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