Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro v1.5.99 WP Plugin

The plugin Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Free Download enhances the WordPress page builder plugin Elementor Pro with more features and widgets. With a plethora of customization choices, Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro is made to make it simpler for users of the Elementor Pro plugin to develop websites that appear professional. The Elementor website is where you may get it.

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Key Features of Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Plugin

  • Additional widgets for creating sliders, carousels, team members, pricing tables, and more
  • Custom post types and taxonomies for creating custom content types and organizing them in WordPress
  • Custom templates for single posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Custom form styles for the Elementor Pro Form widget
  • Integration with popular WordPress plugins such as WPBakery Page Builder, WooCommerce, and Gravity Forms

Changelog in Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro

* Feature: Introduced the change log option in the widget editor.
* Feature: Introduced the ability to connect with Google API for multi-source options.
* Feature: Included an option to link with Google Sheets under the general settings for forms.
* Feature: Integrated a “show globals” feature in troubleshooting for enhanced diagnostics.
* Feature: Implemented the capability to output cart fragments for the woo mini cart.
* Feature: Provided an option for “none” under lightbox-type in galleries, allowing users to disable the lightbox.

* Feature: Added an “excerpt” field to post fields within the widget editor for more detailed posts.
* Fix: Replaced site_url() with home_url() in global variables for better website navigation.
* Fix: Resolved a conflict with another select2 on the admin side, ensuring smoother operations.
* Fix: Rectified an error with multiple order by clauses in post queries to improve data sorting.
* Fix: Enhanced the manual selection of Elementor template retrieval for optimized performance.

* Feature: added option to message individual fields for the form
* Change: removed instagram blocked api message – the instagram functionality is active now!
* Change: added default values to currency fields
* bug fix: fixed small php bug regarding date field in items
* bug fix: fixed some small xss vulnurability that pachstack discovered

version 1.5.95:
* Feature: Ensure that the blog displayed on the “Home” page of the plugin is always up-to-date.
* Feature: Implemented support for tags in the widget catalog.
* Feature: Added an option for galleries to play videos in muted mode.
* Feature: Integrated weather forecast data preparation for the widget.
* Fix: Addressed some minor potential security risks associated with the import templates functionality.
* Fix: Rectified email validation for Form Email2.
* Fix: Resolved some issues with the price range filter.
* Fix: fixed the problem where dynamic template styles disappeared after updating Elementor Pro.

version 1.5.96:

* Feature: added option for time_ago_short in timelines that will show shorter version of minutes and hours text
* Feature: added defaults for weather widget
* Fix: fixed hourly weather fields
* Fix: fixed the import with images functionality
* Fix: set default timeout to remote requests
* Fix: fixed the image duplicate when importing templates

version 1.5.99:
* Fix – updated multisource image fields
* Fix – fixed some small php bug with strtobool function

version 1.5.110:
* Fix: remote arrows was sendin next/prev commands twice
* Fix: fix some password protected content related security issue
* Fix: fix some sql security small issue

Unlimited Elements Pro: Demo and Sales

We also provide a demo form so that you can determine whether or not it is worth it before moving forward with anything. A demo is very important before moving forward with anything.

Demo Website Link: https://unlimited-elements.com/

Unlimited Elements Pro: Documentation

In the event that you are under the impression that we would provide assistance for this specialized topic, please be aware that this is not something that can be accomplished. In the event that you possess the financial resources necessary to get the official theme, you ought to proceed with the official theme that you have just acquired. In addition to that, you will be provided with assistance and updates in real time.

Those who are unable to pay for this Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Free Download WordPress Plugin can download it from our website without any reservations. If you are interested in a new update, you should return to our website, download the updated version, and then manually upload it.

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