SeedProd Pro: WP Plugin v6.18.2 [Activated]

Today we will be giving you the best competitor to the Elementor, which is SeedProd Pro Free Download, and it is not a SeedProd Pro nulled.

The SeedProd Coming Soon Page Pro plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to design gorgeous coming soon pages, expand your email list, and block access to your website while it is being constructed.

This plugin is a fantastic tool for producing coming-of-age pages that are professional and eye-catching. It will assist you in building anticipation for the launch of your website and will also allow you to collect email addresses from visitors who are interested in your website.

Through the use of SeedProd Coming Soon Page Pro, you will be able to effortlessly generate captivating coming soon pages that are certain to impress and assist you in getting your website off to a fantastic start.

Consequently, it is an excellent option for those who wish to develop a coming soon page for their website that is both aesthetically pleasing and effective.

We would want to clarify a few things before moving on. First of all, this is the correct GNU General Public License (GPL), which offers an excellent overview. This is not a nulled plugin or anything.

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SeedProd Pro Free Download Features

  • With the help of our user-friendly page builder, you can quickly create layouts, pages, and themes that look fantastic, allowing you to get up and running in a matter of minutes. Do not require any code!
  • A wide range of blocks that can display both static and dynamic content have been developed by our team. It is possible to make everything you can imagine with the help of SeedProd blocks.
  • Want to preview the appearance of a page before it is made public? While the page is in any condition, whether it is a draft, live, or just testing, we make it possible for you to view live previews of it.
  • You may simply change sections, rows, columns, and blocks on your website by using our layout navigation, which functions as a miniature map of your page. Additionally, you can access your page settings.
  • You should work on your page in private so that the building is not revealed to the general audience. As soon as you are prepared, you can hit the publish button so that everyone can view it!
  • We make it very simple for you to save and reuse pages and elements of pages, so that you do not have to keep going through the same steps over and over again.
  • You may go back to any previously saved point on your website with just one click using the reverts feature, and you can even see who made those specific modifications.
  • Do you have a certain page template or section that you use frequently? All of your favourites will be immediately accessible to you if you save them.
  • Before going live, you should check out how your pages will appear on desktop computers and mobile devices. This will allow you to make sure that your pages are ready to be converted.
  • Sections can be copied and pasted across sites or to another website. The importation of all media will be done automatically!
  • Develop a number of different landing pages, such as those for sales, opt-in, coming soon, maintenance mode, webinars, login, and thank-you sites. Consistently, new templates are being added.
  • Using SeedProd, you can develop pages that look amazing on every device, ensuring that your message is always understandable regardless of the size of the screen that your audience is using to explore.
  • It is not necessary to be a designer in order to build great layouts because we have prepared pre-built sections that have been professionally designed. These sections include headers and calls to action.
  • In contrast to other builders, the code that our builder generates is streamlined and lightweight, allowing your page to load in a short amount of time. Pages that load more quickly result in more conversions.
  • In order to facilitate a speedy transition between styles, our landing page blocks come with pre-made block layouts. Make a button that is old, flat, two-dimensional, or ghostly with just one click, for instance.
  • If you want to apply your own custom colour palette throughout the design of your landing page, you may choose from over twenty different colour schemes that are already built in.
  • With the integration of Google Fonts, SeedProd is able to deliver a limitless number of font choices. In addition, we let you know which ones look well together by presenting you with a curated list.
  • Need to make some adjustments to the style of a component on your page? It is not an issue; you can easily add snippets and code that are specific to CCS to any landing page.
  • Separators of Shape
  • Through the use of our Shaper Dividers function, you can generate dividers that are one-of-a-kind and captivating for your sections, rows, and columns.
  • Utilising our no-code theme builder, you can generate headers, footers, pages, posts, archives, sidebars, and WooCommerce pages of your choosing. Complete web page editing!
  • Utilise our built-in Coming Soon and Maintenance Modes to restrict access to your website while it is undergoing modification or maintenance.
  • You may easily convert the lost traffic on your website into leads. You may add a 404 page that is unique to your website with just the click of a button, which will enable you to collect emails from traffic that would otherwise be lost.
  • Our access controls allow you to provide users with a bypass URL, restrict access based on role or IP address, and ensure that only the individuals you want to see your actual website while it is still under construction.
  • Through the use of domain mapping, you are able to generate landing pages and direct users to any domain name rather than the domain of your primary website. Installing additional WordPress is not required.
  • With the help of our WooCommerce blocks and integration, you can create a checkout, cart, product grids, and other features that are completely distraction-free.
  • Whether you use a third-party email service or not, follow each and every subscriber. Get easy-to-understand graphic data on the number of page subscribers and the number of new subscribers over time.
  • MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and other leading third-party email marketing service providers are among the companies that can be used to collect emails.
  • To personalise your landing pages, you can use Dynamic Text to dynamically insert dates or values from a query parameter. This allows you to create more personalised landing pages.
  • By utilising ReCaptcha, you can safeguard your landing pages from instances of spam, bots, and fraudulent submissions. Obtain a greater number of leads and prospects that are well qualified for your company.
  • A tracking script or widget from another website needs to be added to your website. Implementing additional technical adjustments can be accomplished by utilising the built-in header and footer scripts area.
  • If you want to draw attention to the parts of your page and the call to action, you may choose from more than 45 animations that are eye-catching.

Plugin Integrations

SeedProd Pro Free Download WP Plugin
SeedProd Pro allows for the utilisation of integrations.

Result of This SeedProd Pro Plugin

We are using this plugin on our website. After 7 days, these are the results. Althrough it depends on the server hosting or web hosting you use, and it will ask you to activate the licence. But ignore that thing. Without adding a licence, and you can use it without any worry.

SeedProd Pro Plugin Pricing

SeedProd Pro Free Download WP Plugin3

SeedProd Pro Free Download: Demo and Sales

We also provide a demo form so that you can determine whether or not it is worth it before moving forward with anything. A demo is very important before moving forward with anything.

Demo Website Link:

SeedProd Pro Free Download: Documentation

In the event that you believe that we will offer support for this specialised theme, keep in mind that this is not feasible. If you have the financial means to purchase the official theme, then you should go with the official theme you have purchased. In addition, you will receive updates in real time and with support.

Those who are unable to pay for this SeedProd Pro Free Download can download it from our website without any reservations. If you are interested in a new update, you should return to our website, download the updated version, and then manually upload it.

Direct Download Link

SeedProd Pro v6.15.16

SeedProd Pro v6.15.17

SeedProd Pro v6.15.21

SeedProd Pro v6.15.23

SeedProd Pro v6.18.2 [Latest Version]


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