Should We Use GPL Theme? 4 things to Accomplish this

This is a great question: “Should We Use GPL Theme?” We will see if it is good to use the GPL theme or plugin, and also how to check if there is a virus in the file or not.

I would recommend you go with the original file of any kind of theme or plugin because this helps the company or developer make improvements by purchasing these products.

If you are not able to buy these kinds of expensive themes and plugins, then you can also join the website, where they provide the original product at a cheap price. Please be aware of scammers. I will share some websites where you can buy original files at a cheap price, but they will not provide dedicated support.

If you are starting your blog, then you would not have money, so you can go with the GPL theme and plugins. These are the methods you can use.

Should we use GPL Themes

Should We Use the GPL Theme?

I would say go with the original theme; GPL is for just testing, but there is no loss in using the GPL file as a primary use. You can even download them from our website to use these themes and plugins. They work the same as the original file.

Ways to Download Themes and Plugins

There are many ways to download the themes and plugins for free or paid. These are the ways you go.

Original File

Should We Use GPL Theme?

The original file is the best to go with; these are for those who are able to buy these expensive themes and plugins. especially those who are already doing fine in blogging or generating revenue.

Going with the original file of the themes and plugins has its own benefits, like if you have a problem, you can directly contact support, and they will contact you immediately and solve your problem.

If you are a beginner, then support is the best option for you; otherwise, you would have to suffer a lot to find the solution to the problem.

Besides, you will be a well-labbled customer to the theme provider; otherwise, using the Nulled version will cause you a lot of problems.

Apart from this, you will be getting a live update from the developer, which is also important because if you are using the old version of the plugin or theme, your website can be easily hacked.

To download, you should choose websites like Themeforest, Envato Elements, and more.

Nulled Version

Should We Use GPL Theme?

We would not recommend going with this because it is not safe. Most of the nulled versions are intended to extract your website data; use them the wrong way. Even that can be used on you because the hacker will have access to your website.

While downloading the nulled version, you won’t see any kind of unwanted activity because they use advanced techniques to make viruses and import them into the file, then provide them to you.

To avoid these kinds of things, you should use the GPL version.

GPL Version

Should We Use GPL Theme?

GPL is the best way to run your website because here you will get licenses from the GNU. To be honest with you, we also use the GPL version. We use FlyingPress to improve our website, and this is the best competitor to WP-Rockt. You have to use any other cache because it has many more features than WP-Rocket does.

Should We Use GPL Theme? The answer is simple: use it if you don’t have money to buy expensive files or scripts.

For the updated version, you can come back to our website. After downloading, upload it manually.

And you can check out our website to download free GPL themes and plugins.

Original File at a Cheap Price

Should We Use GPL Theme?

If you are ready to invest a little of your money to buy original themes and plugins, then you can download them at a cheap price. This is risky to share here, but you can search on Google. A website called Theme9 by Anand Kumar claims it provides original products with license keys.

What they do They purchase the highest plan [the agency plan], where they get 500 licenses more or less, and then they sell at a cheap price.

How do I check if GPL is safe or not?

Should We Use GPL Theme?

You can check VirusTotal for viruses and malware.


Should We Use GPL Theme?

I would say go with the original theme; GPL is for just testing, but there is no loss in using the GPL file as a primary use

Is using GPL safe?

Yes, If you are downloading from trusted website like

Do they hack our website?

If you choose the wrong website, then they can hack your website.

Can I download free GPL themes and plugins?

Yes, there are websites you can download for free, like ours.


I hope this question, “Should We Use GPL Theme?” The conclusion is that if you don’t have money, you can go with the GPL theme and plugins, or you can buy them at a cheap price if you have that much money, so you should go with the original theme with dedicated support and live updates.

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