Rankmath SEO Pro: Best SEO Plugin v3.0.66 [Activated] Review

Want Rankmath SEO Pro Free Download? While starting the blog, you need something that can rank your website.

So we highly recommend that you go with this plugin. But why?

We are providing Rankmath SEO Pro free download with Working license key because this plugin will not disappoint us with its own features.

We will be covering all things here, even the comparison of Rank math SEO vs Rank math SEO Pro

Rankmath SEO Pro Free Download
Rankmath SEO Pro: Best SEO Plugin v3.0.66 [Activated] Review 11
NameRank math SEO
Plugin TypePremium
Free or PaidFree Download
WorkImprove SEO
Free Download LinkClick Here

Rankmath SEO Pro Free Download

We are doing this for you to improve the SEO of your website. Most of the visitors will think that we will steal their data by sending viruses in the plugins or something.

We will not do anything that will harm our visitors, so if you don’t have trust, in other words, you can upload files to VirusTotal to check whether there is a virus or not.

VirusTotal is a free tool to check for viruses or malware in a given file.

analysing the file in VirusTotal
Rankmath SEO Pro: Best SEO Plugin v3.0.66 [Activated] Review 12

Why is Rankmath SEO Pro Free Download recommended?

This is not for those who can afford this plugin, If you can buy this plugin from the official site, which is Rankmath.com, you should definitely buy from there,

We will be providing provision also, but the thing is, You will not get real time updates on your WordPress dashboard.

As I already said, This is for those who can’t afford it, especially beginners; they can download it without any hesitation and use it free of charge.

Rankmath SEO Pro Free Download valid License key

A license key is necessary to validate this plugin, but you can simply download the file, and then it will connect automatically.

I want to emphasize more on this: this is not kind of GPL; this is customised by Shineads Corporation, that also provides free themes

We will also guide you on how to upload and validate a license key (that will be autometic). Let’s have a look.

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How to Upload Rank math SEO Pro Free

First, you have to download the file, which we will be providing to you below this blog post.

To access the file, you will have to go with a link shortener because our website is not monitized yet, If it is, we will provide a direct link.

So make sure you share this post with all your friends who want Rank math SEO pro for free

Step-by-Step Process to upload Rank math Pro

First, you have to login to your WordPress admin page by providing your login credentials.

Then you have to go to the “Plugins” section

Rankmath SEO Pro Free Download

at the top left corner, you will find “Add New” button You have to click on this

Rankmath SEO Pro Free Download

Again, at the top left corner, you will find “Upload Plugins.”

Rankmath SEO Pro

After clicking on that, you will get a pop-up saying “Choose File” to select a file from the computer that we provided.

Then you have to click “Install Now” to install the plugin on your server.

Rankmath SEO Pro

After some loading, it will ask you to “Activate Plugin,” then click directly on it.

Screenshot 2023 08 29 113545

Then you are good to go…

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Rankmath SEO vs Rankmath SEO Pro

There are more differeent in pro vernsion and normal version

In normal version, you will not get “News Sitmaps,” Podcast,” and many more, as you can see in image

Rankmath SEO Pro

After activating plugin, you will see that it will unlock you features

Rankmath SEO Pro

Direct MediaFire Download link
Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.43

Direct MediaFire Download Link
Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.46

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.50

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.51

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.52

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.53

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.55

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.56

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.64

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.65

Rankmath SEO Pro v3.0.66 [Latest Version]

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