iThemes Security Pro v8.4.0 WordPress Plugin

The most complete WordPress security plugin on the market is iThemes Security Pro Free Download. It is not a iThemes Security Pro nulled. In addition to adding features like malware scanning, automatic WordPress updates, two-factor authentication, and more, it has all the features of iThemes Security.

iThemes Security Pro Free Download WordPress Plugin

iThemes Security Pro Changelog (See What’s New)

(November 14, 2023) = v8.1.0

  • WordPress Password Protection Using Brute Force Restrict the number of unsuccessful login attempts that users with WordPress force protection are permitted to make. After a few failed tries, your password is blocked if someone tries to guess it.
  • detect 404 
  • Recognize file modifications In the event that someone manages to gain access to your website, they will probably edit, add, or remove content from the website file. Receive email alerts when files are modified so you can determine whether you’ve been hacked.
  • The bot will produce a lot of 404 errors if it is searching your website for security holes. After the amount of time you specify (20 errors in 5 minutes by default), iTheme Security will block this IP address.
  • “hide Login & Admin” function Modify the WordPress login’s /wp-admin/login.php URL to make it harder for an attacker to discover the entrance to your website. This feature is also helpful in aiding customers in remembering their login links. Restore
  • database Make a database backup and email it to yourself. Complete backups should be created and sent to external storage locations.
  • Notification Get notified via email when someone is blocked for making too many unsuccessful attempts at logging in or when a file on your website is altered.
  • Check WordPress for malicious content. The Sucuri SiteCheck crawler is used by the iTheme Security plugin to check WordPress for malware. Sucuri SiteCheck employs a 10 point testing process to check your website for known malware, outdated software, blacklist status, and website errors.
  • You can activate daily malware scans and get email alerts when an issue is found with iTheme Security Pro.
  • WordPress edition:Older software, such as WordPress, themes, or plugins, exposes your websites to security flaws that are frequently exploited by cybercriminals.
  • The latest iteration of the iTheme Security Pro version control module has the ability to automatically update WordPress, themes, and plugins. It can also take action to strengthen security in the event that website software malfunctions.
  • The magic link module for WordPress When Local Brute Force Protection blocks your username, you can still log in using the Magic Links feature. If someone blocks your username, you can ask to be emailed a unique login link. While the attackers will still be blocked, using email will get around the username blocking.
  • Two-way verification Users no longer need to enter a password and wait for a second code to be sent to their mobile device—a smartphone or tablet—thanks to WordPress two-factor authentication powered by iTheme Security Pro. You require both a password and a code in order to access your user account. In order to guarantee that you are logged in and not the visitor or someone else guessing your password, WordPress offers an additional layer of security called two-factor authentication.

8.3.0 – 2024-01-24

  • New: The Firewall page has a new IP Management tab to provide easy access to blocking or authorizing IP addresses.
  • New: Usage Data Sharing (opt-in only) allows users to share non-personal and non-sensitive information with StellarWP to inform decisions about how to improve Solid Security in the future.
  • Enhancement: The “Trusted Devices” manager has been redesigned and relocated to the Security Profile tabbed UI.
  • Enhancement: Add a snackbar notice when making changes on the Firewall Configure page.
  • Enhancement: Make the GDPR Optin text in the CAPTCHA module more visible.
  • Tweak: Remove some straggling references and links to iThemes.
  • Tweak: Consistently refer to 2FA as Two-Factor Authentication on the Profile page.
  • Tweak: Allow performing more Site Scan actions when the issue is muted.
  • Bug Fix: Truncate log item columns that are too long before inserting into the database.
  • Bug Fix: Consistently order the Security Profile tabs.
  • Bug Fix: Add missing text domain to new Solid Security Admin Menu items.
  • Bug Fix: Reset filters on the Vulnerabilities page when starting a Site Scan.
  • Bug Fix: PHP warning on the logs page when the File Change module logs unexpected data.

v8.3.2 – 2024-02-06
Tweak: Add a notice when a user’s role is demoted from the Site Scans page.
Tweak: Update Privacy Policy generator text.
Bug Fix: Could not proceed through onboarding when BuddyPress or BuddyBoss was active.
Bug Fix: Some firewall rules could not be deactivated.
Bug Fix: Allow opting in to Telemetry via the Settings Page.
Bug Fix: PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings.

8.4.0 – 2024-02-27

Timothy Jacobs, Lisa Canini, Jared Hill
New: The “Trusted Devices” user experience has been reworked to make it clearer and simpler, especially for end users. Learn more:
Enhancement: Allow generating a new Two-Factor TOTP secret from the WP-Login UI.
Bug Fix: The SolidWP logo appeared too large in some email clients.
Bug Fix: An error would occur if we could not determine the length of database columns while saving log items.

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iThemes Security Pro Free Download WordPress Plugin
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iThemes Security Pro Plugin: Demo and Sales

A demo is very important before proceeding with anything, so we also provide a demo form to check whether it is worth it or not.

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If you think that we will provide support for this dedicated theme, that is not possible. If you are capable of buying the official theme, then you should go with the official theme. You will get real-time updates there and with support.

Those who can’t afford this iThemes Security ProNulled can download it from our website without any hesitation, and if you want a new update, then come back to our website and download the updated version and upload manually.

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iThemes Security Pro v8.4.0 [Latest Version]


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