Gravity Forms v2.8.13 WordPress Plugin

A strong and user-friendly WordPress plugin for creating complex forms is Free Download Gravity Forms. You can quickly develop and publish your WordPress forms using its user-friendly interface. Form creation is quick and simple thanks to the plugin’s vast selection of fields and configurable parameters.

Free Download Gravity Forms

Additionally, Gravity Forms interfaces effectively with third-party services like PayPal and provides a number of alternative add-ons for even more comprehensive WordPress integration.

This makes it a flexible tool for companies and people who need sophisticated forms for their websites.

Furthermore, users give Gravity Forms great marks, with many describing it as the best contact form plugin for WordPress-powered websites.

Gravity Forms, in general, is a powerful and feature-rich tool that makes it simple for you to develop sophisticated forms for your WordPress website.

Free Download Gravity Forms Features

Unlimited Views

Till you float away, make views. The number of creations you can make is unlimited.

Approve and Reject Entries

Each entry should be approved before going live. It also works if you wish to accept all entries.

Great for Paid Directories

Create a paid directory by using a Gravity Forms payment add-on and customizing your view.

Edit Entries From the Front End

You can edit the entry in the original Gravity Forms form without using the admin well as enabling users to edit the entries they’ve made.

Gravity Forms Add-Ons Compatible

The official Gravity Forms add-ons are all compatible with GravityView. The ecosystem of gravity forms plays well with us.


English, Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Romanian are among the languages supported by GravityView. No sign of your language? Make a translation contribution!

Front-End Edit Entries

Edit entries inside the original Gravity Forms form on the front end of your website. Users of GravityView can also update their own entries! You decide who and which fields are available for editing.

Import CSVs

Want to use Gravity Forms to import data from a CSV file? No issue! They make use of the plugin for Gravity Forms Import Entries.

DataTables Integration

The greatest script for working with tabular data, DataTables, has close integration with GravityView. With live updates, you may browse, filter, and order entries. consisting of Core + Extensions and All Access Pass.

Featured Entries

Do you want certain entries to always appear first? To make them appear, just “star” them in the admin panel.

Gravity Flow and Gravity PDF and GFChart

When combined with GravityFlow, Gravity PDF, and GFChart, GravityView allows you to do much more with the data from your forms.

Awesome Support

We are authentic, present, and kind. We care about our clients and keep the plugin updated. Emojis are frequently used in our responses.

Constantly Improving

GravityView underwent an average of 13.92 modifications each week over the past year. In the last month, GravityView has undergone more than 50 improvements. This is current data, and business is booming!

Gravity Forms Changelog

v2.7.15 | 2023-10-05
Added a new global setting to select the default form theme. On new sites, “Orbital” will be the default theme.
Added a ‘theme’ parameter to the Gravity Forms shortcode.
– Added a new [`gform_default_styles`]( filter to apply the same styles to all forms on a site.
– Fixed an issue where the setup wizard saves an empty license key if the user clicks the “Skip” button.

– Fixed an issue that causes fatal errors on some sites during the background processing of telemetry data.
– Fixed an issue where feed settings for ActiveCampaign, Agile CRM, Breeze, Mailchimp, Trello, Twilio, and ZohoCRM display a deprecation warning when using PHP 8.1.
– Updated the appearance of the template library.
– Updated the name of “Gravity” theme to “Gravity Forms 2.5 Theme.”
– AF: Fixed the `Creation of dynamic property CLASS::$delayed_payment_integration is deprecated` notice with PHP 8.2.
– AF: Fixed an issue where the background feed processor uses a stale instance of the add-on to process the feed preventing the {apc_media} merge tags from outputting values.

2023-12-07 | Version 2.8.0
There is now a more condensed view available in the form editor.
The system report now includes the default theme that was first installed.

By only enqueuing styles that are required on the front end, performance gains have been added.
Additional support for field sidebar messages has been added.
In order to enable the display of the Output Default CSS setting, the gform_display_disable_css_setting filter has been updated.

  • Adjusted the telemetry background processor such that it now logs any instances in which it is unable to deliver data.
  • The field accordions in the form editor have been updated so that they are all enabled by default.
    The minimum version of WordPress that is required to be displayed on the System Status page has been updated to 6.3.
    The function string.format() has been removed because it is no longer supported.
  • Removed a number of photos that didn’t get utilized.
    A modification was made to the options page, where the “Output Default CSS” setting was removed and replaced with the [gform_disable_css] filter (
    From the settings page, the HTML5 setting has been removed.
    The deprecated form Theme Framework global CSS API color system properties have been removed from the application programming interface (API).
  • Application Programming Interface: The shape Theme Framework CSS API has been updated and refactored in order to minimize the size of the stylesheet and improve speed.

v2.8.1 | 2024-01-04
– Added support for conditional logic rules based on Survey fields for confirmations, notifications, and feeds.
– Fixed various warnings and notices in PHP 8.1 and 8.2.
– Fixed an issue where address inputs are sometimes vertically mis-aligned in the Gravity Forms 2.5 theme.
– Fixed display issues with the merge tag dropdown in Firefox.
– Fixed the display of tooltips in the form editor in Safari.
– Fixed an issue that prevents conditional logic from working on the submit button on multi-page forms if the last page is also hidden with conditional logic.
– Fixed an issue that prevents the conditional logic UI from displaying on duplicates of the default confirmation.
– Fixed an issue where it is difficult to access the field admin icons with the mouse in the form editor.
– Fixed an issue where users without the `gravityforms_edit_entries` capability can mark entries as read/unread.
– Fixed conditional logic on the product option field.
– Updated the format of telemetry data.
– AF: Added feed processing when entries are marked as “not spam”.

– Fixed an issue where the date picker is not responsive, resulting in horizontal browser overflow.
– Reverted the form editor toolbar smaller screens change made in which introduced UI issues.

v2.8.13 | 2024-06-26
Fixed a bug where, on the confirmation page or when moving between pages in a multi-page form, custom theme styles occasionally do not appear.
Fixed a problem that affected deliverability in some environments by outputting the AJAX spinner init script in save and continue notifications.
The problem where a choice of 00 in the minute settings for the form planned start and finish times changes to 01 on save has been fixed.
Removed the legacy table check to update and enhance database query efficiency.
AF: Fixed a bug in text type settings that prevented a recorded value of 0.

Gravity Forms Documentation

If you are able to buy this theme from the official website, then we would recommend you go with the Official Plugin because there you will have live support and real-time updates.

If you don’t have money and still want to use Perfmatters WordPress Plugin, we are providing the GPL file for this theme. Keep in mind that this is not a nulled version; it is a pure GPL version.

If you want a live update, you have to come back to our website to download the updated version and update it manually. Dedicated support is not possible; you have to check the documantation.

Free Download Gravity Forms v2.7.15

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Free Download Gravity Forms v2.8.13
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