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The stunning, multipurpose, and highly responsive WordPress theme “Free Download Salient Theme” is ideal for independent contractors, studio designers, photographers, and designers. The excellent “Salient theme nulled” layout and design features will enable the work in your portfolio to receive the recognition it merits.

For those who are interested in website design, it will be highly fascinating. The primary justification for utilizing this theme in the creation of your website is its stunning appearance and elegant design. Therefore, instead of offering the Salient Theme Nulled plugin for free this time, will be sharing the Premium Salient WordPress Theme GPL.

The ability to create a video camera, which is supported by the original standard functionality, is the main feature of the Salient theme. Additionally, a large tool panel will let users select the best color schemes.

WordPress websites built with Salient Theme have the option to be full-width, and this setting can be altered with a single click if desired. In order to transition between different widths, the website will automatically modify and adapt.

Free Download Salient Theme

Salient WordPress Theme: Extended Feature List

  • Both the front and back ends need to be developed. Easy website creation and management using Page Builder A redesigned and optimized version of the widely used WPbakery Page Builder plugin is part of Salient.
  • Salient offers a plethora of high-quality demonstrations that can be imported with a single click. Salient can elevate your internet presence to new heights, regardless of whether you’re an agency, photographer, or something entirely else.
  • Award-Winning, World-Class Design—Salient’s available elements and layouts were all carefully considered and created to guarantee the utmost degree of detail.
  • Salient has been consistently releasing feature-packed upgrades for over 9 years, has a proven track record, and offers lifetime updates. Lifetime-free updates are yours with only one license.
  • Elevate your design to new heights with our one-of-a-kind form dividers. Size, location, color, and a whole lot more are all in your control.
  • Cascading Images is yet another special feature from Salient that will wow your audience. Use our cascading pictures element to effortlessly overlap photos and give them the ability to parallax as the user scrolls!
  • Several page transitions are at your disposal to create a stunning and smooth user experience, or you may disable them entirely if you want.
  • Among all the ThemeForest icon sets, Salient’s four packs are among the most comprehensive. Families such as Iconminds ($59 value), FontAwesome, Steadysets, and Linea are available.
  • Create a stunning parallax scene that responds to the user’s mouse movements using multi-layer mouse-based parallax. Effortless operation; also compatible with mobile devices that use the tilt feature.
  • Masonry Image Galleries: Make stunning photo albums quickly and easily! Effortlessly upload many things at once and enjoy all of the various styles for portfolio pieces with drag-and-drop ordering.
  • Save time and avoid plugins with our built-in megamenu. You may showcase your megamenu either full-width or boxed inside the site container by selecting your columns.
  • Fullscreen Rows is a unique and very powerful tool that, with a single click, turns your page builder rows into an engaging tale. Animated transitions between rows are compatible with mobile devices and have great performance.
  • With Free Download Salient’s strong off-canvas menu option, you can choose from four distinct designs that work on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Animations with Superior Performance: Put an end to those jerky, antiquated animations. Pay attention to the theme animations’ display frame rate; your consumers will value your efforts to optimize performance. It feels like velvet.
  • Specialized Sliders: A number of sliders made just for Salient are at your fingertips. Awesome functionality, such as the ability to change the color of the header navigation from bright to dark on each slide, seamless parallax scrolling, and image and video backdrops, are all yours to enjoy.
  • Text transformation, line height, letter spacing, font weight, font style, and font size are just a few of the precise choices offered in Advanced Typography’s 800+ font families. Additionally, you may get real-time font previews under the settings panel.
  • Styles for Your Blog: Salient gives you a tonne of options when it comes to blog layouts. You have the option to show each of the designs below either at full width or with a sidebar.
  • Masonry Improvements Automatic Masonry Masonry from Materials Left-Aligned Image List for Metro
  • A Short List
  • Vintage Collection
  • Variety of Single Post Designs: Pick the perfect header for your site from the three options provided for single posts.
  • Header Image Displayed in Full-Screen Mode
  • A Minimal Classic Portfolio That You Can Personalize For each of Free Download Salient Theme’s seven project styles, you have an infinite number of layout options. Modify masonry plans, color schemes, spacing inside the project grid, the appearance of custom content within the grid, and a whole lot more! View the styles and layouts provided below!
  • Presenting: Parallax Portfolio Slider, Modern Masonry, Contained Masonry
  • Traditional Meta Overlay with Zoom
  • Personalized Content Grid
  • Beginning with the Meta
  • Blog and Portfolio sections with an infinite scroll option: Your users may have a smooth browsing experience with the infinite scroll pagination option, which loads the next page of content as they scroll down.
  • Graphically Simple Shortcode Generator—Although a robust visual page builder is provided, there are instances where shortcodes are still useful. You may use the Salient shortcode generator in both the graphic and text tabs, and it has a sophisticated UI with choices for all aspects.
  • With AJAX Search, you can optionally provide users with a suggested set of results based on their query words as they type.
  • Hundreds of Well-Organized Theme Options—Free Download Salient Theme’s options panel gives you access to hundreds of well-organized theme settings in an easy-to-understand format. At this time, you may choose from 17 distinct choice panels, each with its own set of subcategories.
  • System for Support Ticketing
  • Comprehensive Instructional Manual
  • A plethora of color choices—the limitless color selections make website color schemes easy to develop. By the way, did you know that a ton of our components also work with color gradients?
  • There are two powerful lightboxes that you may pick from: fancyBox3 and Magnific. They work in tandem with Free Download Salient Theme’s exclusive features, like the video lightbox, picture galleries, and sliders.
  • Proper HTML5: Because what’s on the inside matters as much as what the user sees.
  • Our WooCommerce plugin offers a plethora of features, like an AJAX shopping cart, a page builder that is accessible from inside individual product pages, support for multiple product styles and layouts, and much more.
  • Our unique HTML5 particle system makes it easy to upload pictures and make your own interactive particle design. Check out a demo here! It’s exclusive to Salient.
  • Change your website’s display from the default wide to a boxed arrangement using Salient’s global option. Then, you can choose a backdrop picture or color to show behind the boxed container.
  • Portfolio Sorting—You may quickly sort your projects by setting filters for your portfolio instances based on categories you specify.
  • In-built “love” system: Allows you to keep tabs on which projects or articles are the most popular on your website. Might be utilized if desired.
  • Stylishly share the current page with different social services with our proprietary plugin, Salient Social Sharing.
  • Choose from two to four column layouts to customize the space for your footer widgets in the “Footer Column Options” section.
  • Search Engine Optimized—Salient was coded with care, so search engines will love it.
  • Free Download Salient Theme comes with the.po files, so it can be translated into whatever language you choose.

Free Download Salient: Documentation

If you think that we will provide support for this dedicated theme, that is not possible. If you are capable of buying the official theme, then you should go with the official theme. You will get real-time updates there and with support.

Those who can’t afford this Free Download Salient can download it from our website without any hesitation, and if you want a new update, then come back to our website and download the updated version and upload manually.


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Free Download Salient Theme
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Free Download Salient Theme
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