EventOn v4.6.6 WP Plugin (With Addons)

The exquisitely designed event calendar EventON Free Download displays events in a simple, clutter-free layout. It is possible to set up this plugin to display occasions or events as a simple grid calendar. More than 200 helpful features are included in it, including highly configurable repeating events, various event images, organizers and locations, and advanced features like language-corresponding events and multiple data kinds. it is not EventOn nulled.

It also comes with interactive builder short codes (shortcodes) that make the installation schedule simpler and present a list of forthcoming events broken down by month.

EventOn Free Download WP Plugin
src: codecanyon.net

Key Features of EventOn Plugin

  • List of forthcoming events broken down into months
  • ASC/DESC predetermined calendar event order
  • Prioritize some events in the calendar over others.
  • Display a calendar that only shows events that are featured.
  • Make calendars with the list’s highlighted photos.
  • Calendar events are paginated dynamically to “load more” Show the calendar for a few set months
  • supports events lasting one or more days.
  • Make one-day events
  • Make events that have no set end date or time.
  • Make events that last the entire day.
  • wp-admin duplicate events
  • Span activities till the end time while concealing the final time; exclude specific events from the calendar
  • Set the picture for the event location.
  • Locate yourself using latitude and longitude.
  • Reuse and save locations for future events.
  • Establish the contact details for the event organizer.
  • To reuse in future events, save the event organizer.
  • Find out more about the support for event links.
  • Many ways for the user to engage with the event
  • Utilize a common time and date format for your website.
  • Diagram Support for calendar events with SEO content
  • Possibility of organizing an eventUsing cards to open in an accordion fashion
  • RTL (right-to-left) text support
  • Display a set amount of events on the calendar each month.
  • Events were categorized using unique taxonomies.
  • Make calendars that only include events from specific types of events.
  • Totally alter every piece of information on the calendar’s event rows.
  • Customize the mouse scroll, zoom, and other interactive elements of Google Maps.
  • Use a PHP template tag or shortcode to incorporate a calendar into your theme for seamless AJAX-driven month-to-month navigation.
  • incorporated PayPal to take event payments
  • the capacity to automatically archive previous events
  • Adding unique CSS styles is simple using eventON Settings.
  • Change the calendar’s month and year format.
  • Change the date and time formats on the calendar
  • The ability to quickly return the calendar’s appearance to default
  • Possibility of loading event cards
  • Support for Custom Language Text and a POT file for additional customisation
  • Organize events to appear in a random order and only display them to logged-in users.
  • Each event will have a unique email address for PayPal payments.
  • Limit access to certain custom fields to admins and users that are logged in.

Changelog in EventOn (With Addons)

= v4.5.5 (2024-1-8) =

  • Added: the ability to send emails in BCC
  • NEW: set up a cronjob to clear the error log every three months
  • ADDED: menu_order, a backend sorting option for events
  • ADDED: supported field passing webhooks
  • ADDED: utilizing the Trumbowig editor, a custom meta data field type
  • ADDED: the choice of using endpoint or ajax for HTTP communication
  • NEW: WP Query technique to accommodate the previous 12 months
  • WPML backward compatibility with the ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE variable has been added.
  • ADDED: a search for similar events with an event count
  • FIXED: Multiple calls to inline styles scripts()
  • FIXED: The events archive page now supports full site editing
  • FIXED: Tile Style 0’s gradient backdrop is now functional.
  • FIXED: Utilize UTC0 time instead of previous events calculation
  • FIXED: missing zoom api error
  • Move_ml_yl_to_top() now returns an empty events array. FIXED
  • FIXED: Following the uct offset, EVO_Event() processes event times to execute month- and year-long filters.
  • RESOLVED: Lightbox not passing et_data values when event card is open
  • FIXED: the featured image on the eventtop page will be the only one.
  • FIXED: When no icon is set, the icon selector is inoperable.
  • FIXED: Multilines’ custom meta field was not correctly saving HTML.
  • RESOLVED: previous set to hide in settings wasn’t operating properly
  • FIXED: Verification was enabled for Zoom API before doing anything
  • FIXED: Undefined dynamic property in get_ics_content()
  • FIXED: Custom meta fields on the event edit page were vulnerable to XSS.
  • FIXED: The start and end Unix times of all day events were not being updated.
  • FIXED: event edit date picker to select date on picker; bulk edit events yes no value to select field
  • FIXED: Format for the event edit date picker
  • FIXED: multiple CSRF validations and authorization checks in ajax calls
  • FIXED: The picker does not display all associated events
  • FIXED: Some pages’ settings save changes button was not functioning.
  • UPDATED: Poppins is the major font family
  • UPDATED: Refactor calendar date range computation using timezone from settings; relocated hide past events settings into time settings section
  • UPDATED: using evo components, load environment statistics are moved to Lightbox
  • EDITED: page layout styles in the admin settings

= 4.5.6 (2024-1-15) =

  • ADDED: event time extended type field to replace month, year long fields
  • ADDED: option in time settings to show calendar timezone in the footer
  • FIXED: global language value set after WPML lang validation
  • FIXED: switching language in settings redirect url
  • FIXED: save_virtual_event_settings() error
  • FIXED: new location save not working due to nonce error
  • FIXED: eventon_get_formatted_time() timezone to use global timezone
  • FIXED: view in my time format correction
  • FIXED: top save settings button not working properly
  • FIXED: event time calculations with respect to timezone
  • FIXED: datepicker not setting on first time
  • FIXED: quick edit not displaying updated results
  • FIXED: search box results not working
  • FIXED: schedule view to use correct timezone and load via template
  • FIXED: Nonce errors
  • UPDATED: generate_time_() to use only needed parameters

= 4.5.7 (2024-1-20) =

  • FIXED: event data json to use offset unix times
  • FIXED: send_email() arg getting overridden incorrectly
  • FIXED: organizer social media twitter icon
  • FIXED: after month switch to scroll page to top of calendar
  • FIXED: incorrect time on front of calendar

= 4.5.8 (2024-1-29) =
ADDED: moment timezone js
FIXED: search box not honoring passed on shortcodes
FIXED: search box date range calculations with respect to calendar timezone
FIXED: minor RTL style updates
FIXED: event lists month name
FIXED: coming up next time calculation based off event unix
FIXED: schedule view day time calculation

= v4.5.9 (2024-2-1) =
ADDED: new tag for settings newly added feature recognition
ADDED: Search bar enabling via shortcode
ADDED: Reddit as social share option
FIXED: webhook lightbox functions not working correct
FIXED: related event times incorrect
FIXED: day, month, year long unix calculation
FIXED: event edit settings month and year long to fade event time
FIXED: settings icons layout
FIXED: event repeat calculation not taking into account event tz
UPDATED: related events UI
UPDATED: user interaction UI
UPDATED: moved live now settings into time settings section
REMOVED: use UTC offset setting

= v4.6.6 (2024-6-18) =

Get_repeats_adjusted() now returns an array of timezone-adjusted repeat times.
FIXED: error in eventon_script.js variable.

FIXED: Code error in Events->get_taxonomy_data() and incorrect virtual event link display.
FIXED: organizer lightbox Twitter icon.
FIXED: PHP 8.2 deprecated properties.
FIXED: The current month button was not working properly.
FIXED: Issues with filter value selection and reselection, as well as URLs containing special characters not being saved.
UPDATED: eventon settings > styles, layout design

EventOn Free Download: Demo and Sales

We also provide a demo form so that you can determine whether or not it is worth it before moving forward with anything. A demo is very important before moving forward with anything.

Demo Website Link: https://codecanyon.net/item/eventon-wordpress-event-calendar-plugin/1211017

EventOn Free Download: Documentation

In the event that you are under the impression that we would provide assistance for this specialized topic, please be aware that this is not something that can be accomplished. In the event that you possess the financial resources necessary to get the official theme, you ought to proceed with the official theme that you have just acquired. In addition to that, you will be provided with assistance and updates in real time.

Those who are unable to pay for this EventOn Free Download WordPress Plugin can download it from our website without any reservations. If you are interested in a new update, you should return to our website, download the updated version, and then manually upload it.

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EventOn Free Download v4.5.6

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EventOn Free Download v4.6.6
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