Dokan Pro v3.11.3 WordPress Plugin

Dokan Pro free Download is a feature-rich and powerful e-commerce plugin made specifically for WordPress that offers a smooth and effective platform for creating and running multi-vendor marketplaces. Due to its user-friendly interface and robust features, Dokan Pro has emerged as the preferred option for startups, small companies, and large corporations. it is not Dokan Pro nulled.

Dokan Pro is a catalyst for the advancement of e-commerce, not only a tool. Dokan Pro gives businesses the scalable, feature-rich, and secure platform they need to realize their full potential in the online market. Dokan Pro is essential for turning your dreams of e-commerce into a profitable business, regardless of whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an established company.

Dokan Pro Free Download WordPress Plugin

Key Features of Dokan Pro WP Plugin

  • Boost Brand Recognition with Product Reviews
  • Widget on Vendor Dashboard for Order and Earning
  • Customer Refunds Are Exceptionally Simple
  • Use Any Marketplace Theme That Is Compatible with WooCommerce to Connect Independent Stores
  • Various Product Categories
  • Order Management on the Go!
  • Examine the Publishing Product
  • Completeness of Vendor Profiles Easy Withdraw System
  • Vendors Set Up Their Store Settings; Handle Store Page SEO
  • Options for Payment by Vendor
  • Social Network Profiles Vendors’ Frontend Dashboard; Shipping Management for Every Store; Integration; Earn From Every Sale; Store Insights with Reports and Statement
  • Management of Coupons
  • Chic Retail Spaces

Changelog in Dokan Pro

v3.9.8 Jan 12, 2024
– **fix:** Appsero plugin update checker issue fixed.

= v3.9.9 Jan 29, 2024 =
– **update:** [VendorStaff] Added Single Step Product creation from support for Vendor Staff while adding Auction and Booking products.
– **fix:** [Auction] Fixed an issue where the Auction products are not appearing on the vendor dashboard’s auction listing page when the HPOS feature is enabled.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where the regular price wasn’t displayed as strike-through when the sales price was present.
– **fix:** Fixed a fatal error while trying to update an order from the admin panel if the HPOS feature is enabled.
– **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Fixed a PHP warning under the cart page if a customer clicks on the order again on a completed order from the My Account page.
– **fix:** [LiveSearch] Fixed an issue where the reverse withdrawal and product advertisement payment products are showing on the live search result
– **fix:** [StoreSupport] Fixed an issue where the customer’s email is not triggering if the site’s default admin email address is different than the registered admin email.
– **fix:** Fixed a console error after updating a store category from the Dokan single vendor edit page.
– **fix:** Fixed misleading email subject and title for Product Replacement Request Notifications to Vendors. When a customer sends a replacement request for a product with a warranty, the email notification sent to the vendor has a misleading subject and title. The email subject mentions “A new refund request” and the title refers to “Refund request.” This can confuse the vendor, as the request is a replacement request, not a refund request. These issues have been resolved.
– **fix:** Fixed a WPML translation issue where the product attribute’s name wasn’t translatable with WPML. – **fix:** Fixed an issue where the delivery time date time picker wasn’t translatable.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where the Connect with Stripe button was not translatable in Stripe Express.
– **fix:** Fixed a translation issue where the mobile number field placeholder was not translatable.
– **fix:** Fixed a translation issue where the title of table rows on the Return Requests page on the vendor dashboard cannot be fully translated. The word “on” is always untranslated.
– **fix:** Fixed a translation issue where the vendor and customer support ticket status and number hash are not translatable.

v3.9.10 Feb 12, 2024
– **new:** Added PHP 8.2 support
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where the HTML entities are appearing on the store category name if the user provided any special characters.
– **fix:** Fixed progress bar percentage calculation for address and payment information in the Dokan seller setup wizard.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where the variable subscriptions product input fields are showing on variable product variations.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where the bulk product variation creation does not add a menu order to each variation.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where if a Marketplace coupon is created excluding a product, the coupon is not applied to any product.
– **fix:** Vendor-specific coupon issue – This fix prevents coupons that are meant for a single vendor from being applied to products from other vendors. This issue was caused by a logic error in the coupon validation function. The fix corrects the logic and ensures that the coupon is only valid for the intended vendor.
– **fix:** Coupon validation issue for vendor-specific coupons – This fix ensures that coupons that are generated by the admin for a specific vendor or store are only applicable to the products from that vendor or store.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where no error messages were displayed for invalid coupons on the cart page.
– **fix:** [Auction] Fixed an issue where the vendors were not able to add downloadable files for auctionable products. The problem arises when vendors attempt to save a downloadable product with an attached file – despite receiving an update confirmation, the file fails to save correctly. This issue has been resolved.
– **fix:** [StoreReview] Fixed an issue where after deleting Store Reviews from the WP Admin Dashboard > Dokan > Store Review screen, the review count remains unchanged on the top of the review list.
– **fix:** [TableRateShipping] Fixed a periodic fatal error after calling Google Distance Matrix API if the API response takes a long time to respond due to network error.
– **fix:** [RequestForQuote] Fixed inconsistent Priority between the “Add to Cart” and “Add to Quote” Buttons on the Simple and Variable Products page.
– **fix:** [RequestForQuote] Removed the “X” button from the Quote Details After the Quote has been Converted to Order.
– **fix:** Many strings in Dokan shipping settings and related screens cannot be translated using WPML (#2162)
This pull request fixes an issue where some strings in the Dokan shipping settings and related screens were not translatable using the WPML plugin. This change improves the localization and accessibility of the Dokan plugin for multilingual users and customers.

v3.11.1 ( May 27, 2024 )
– **update:** Update gateway reference urls on dokan stripe connect, stripe express & paypal payment management page.
– **update:** Vendor Verification Redesign with Custom Verification method and Setup Wizard Support.
– **update:** Announcement title and content for not contented vendors.
The announcement title and content displayed to vendors without any associated content or products have been updated to provide more relevant and up-to-date information.
– **fix:** Wholesale price display on Classic Cart page.
This change resolves the issue where the wholesale price displayed on the Classic Cart page did not match the wholesale price set within the Product Edit page, leading to potential confusion and incorrect expectations about the total purchase amount. The wholesale price is now accurately calculated and displayed on the Classic Cart page, ensuring consistency with the checkout process.
– **fix:** Exclusive seller badge button not working on admin dashboard vendor edit page.
– **fix:** Ambiguous seller badge content on admin dashboard.
– **fix:** Remove Withdrawal cache on automatic disbursement.
– **fix:** Translation loading in Product Q&A Frontend.
– **fix:** Default value set for chat_button_product_page in the admin settings.
– **fix:** Payment gateway fee calculation for Stripe and Stripe Express now include Tax.

v3.11.2 ( Jun 11, 2024 )
– **modern:** Free Shipping Coupon for Vendors.
Vendors can presently make free shipping coupons specifically from their coupon dashboard, empowering them to offer uncommon shipping advancements to their clients. Also, merchants can easily include free shipping alternatives with the utilize of coupons from their shipping dashboard, upgrading their capacity to give appealing motivations and a consistent shopping experience.
– **overhaul:** Stripe express beneficiary cross border exchange payout back included for US platform.
– **upgrade:** Include pending discount ask message in arrange points of interest page and cover up discount ask button when there is a pending discount request.
– **settle:** Cache not negating for Item Notice module.
– **settle:** Merchant Membership Enactment Issue when buy with Paypal.
– **settle:** Expelled purge columns from arrange points of interest page.
– **settle:** Avoid `Vendor Enable` e-mail from sending on arrange switch for as of now empowered vendors.
– **settle:** Seller declaration mail URL presently accurately diverts to the person declaration page instep of the declaration file page.
– **settle:** Divert client to the redress url after stripe authorization.
– **settle:** [StoreReview] Admin CSS stacking issue on store survey module.
– **settle:** Settled PHP 8.2 caution in checkout page.
– **settle:** Settled MangoPay Webhook issue that endeavored to enlist webhooks when the API is not arranged initially.
– **settle:** Settled failure to make UBO confirmation for Merchant in MangoPay Settings page.

= v3.11.3 ( Jul 10, 2024 ) =

– **update:** Email recipients settings support added for some email templates.
– **update:** Subscription based filtering support added on admin dashboard Dokan vendor listing page. – **update:** Direct links to the relevant settings from vendor progress bar added.
– **fix:** Vendor Product Category Permissions Not Reflected in Add-On Category Selection. Previously, when vendors created product add-ons from their dashboard, all store categories were visible in the dropdown menu, regardless of the product category limitations imposed on the vendor. With this change, the product add-on categories available to vendors will align with the allowed product categories designated by their subscription level.
– **fix:** PHP Fatal errors on php 8.0 for reset function received null value instead of array.
– **fix:** Updated Stripe Express onboarding message on settings page when connection is in incomplete state.
– **fix:** Subscription cancellation email not triggered when the subscription is recurring & the pack has validity limit.
– **fix:** Incorrect value returned by `filter_packages` function when `$package[‘contents’]` is empty. – **fix:** [VendorVerification] Irrelevant warning appearing on the vendor registration form.
– **fix:** Unwanted HTML elements markup from tax amount and currency symbol display on the vendor dashboard order details page.
– **fix:** Vendor can not update store location if vendor verified the address previously through vendor verification.
– **fix:** Connecting Stripe Express from seller setup wizard not increasing profile completion score. – **fix:** Vairation product default attribute API.
– **fix:** Wholesale data for variation product API.
– **fix:** Shipping tax data for variation product API.
– **fix:** Fix variation list api.

Dokan Pro Free Download: Demo and Sales

We also provide a demo form so that you can determine whether or not it is worth it before moving forward with anything. A demo is very important before moving forward with anything.

Demo Website Link:

Dokan Pro Free Download: Documentation

In the event that you are under the impression that we would provide assistance for this specialized topic, please be aware that this is not something that can be accomplished. In the event that you possess the financial resources necessary to get the official theme, you ought to proceed with the official theme that you have just acquired. In addition to that, you will be provided with assistance and updates in real time.

Those who are unable to pay for this Dokan Pro Free Download WP Plugin can download it from our website without any reservations. If you are interested in a new update, you should return to our website, download the updated version, and then manually upload it.

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