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The product BeTheme Free Download is a remarkable accomplishment that embodies the best of what we have to offer. It is more than simply a WordPress theme; it has a robust Drag & Drop builder tool and a sophisticated options panel that provide users endless possibilities when creating websites. it is not nulled BeTheme.

Fifteen themed websites, each expertly designed to highlight the product’s amazing potential, highlight the theme’s adaptability. BeTheme offers a wide selection of pre-built websites, so you can choose the perfect website for any kind of business, including health magazines, car rental services, marketing agencies, and more.

BeTheme Free Download WordPress Theme

Key Features of BeTheme WordPress Theme

  • Advanced capabilities Panel: BeTheme offers consumers unmatched customization capabilities through its advanced options panel.
  • Drag&Drop Builder Tool: This user-friendly tool makes it easy to create websites without the need for any coding experience.
  • One-Click Demo Import: Save time and ensure a speedy setup by easily importing any of the many demo websites with just one click.
  • Wide Range of Demo Options: Select from a large selection of pre-made websites for a variety of businesses, such as an electrician, veterinary, charitable organization, plumber, gym, attorney, and many more.
  • Continuous Updates: BeTheme is always changing, adding new demos in response to user requests, so it keeps on top of the game when it comes to satisfying a variety of website needs
  • User-Driven creation: Users are invited to offer their ideas for homepage designs, and the BeTheme team takes them into consideration, promoting a collaborative approach to creation.

Changelog in BeTheme

v27.3.1 – January 4th, 2024
* Added: Dynamic Data – Author tags
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Image element – Align option for SVG images
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Shop element – Products List Standardization
* Fixed: Theme Options – Templates active notice – Error if many templates are published
* Fixed: Theme Options – Templates active notice – Missing notice in Logo tab

Version 27.3.2 – January 12th, 2024​

* Added: WooCommerce builder – Single product – Product gallery – Arrow styles

* Fixed: BeBuilder – Blog News element – Title Tag for post titles
* Fixed: Popup builder – Hide unwanted Header Creative
* Fixed: WooCommerce builder – Single product – Product gallery – Thumbnails arrows

* Fixed: Query Loops – Related posts/products/portfolio – Exclude current category
* Fixed: Off-canvas sidebar – Scroll to anchor and hide on link click

* Fixed: Blog – PageSpeed Insights – Aria attributes do not match their roles
* Fixed: PHP warning: Attempt to read property “slug/term_id” on bool

* Fixed: WPML plugin – Copy builder styles on post duplicate
* Fixed: WPML plugin – Translate Inner Wrap elements

* Improved: BeBuilder – Feature List element – Icon select modal

v27.3.3 – January 16th, 2024
* Added: BeBuilder – Portfolio Grid element – More styling options
* Added: BeBuilder – Accordion, FAQ, Tabs, Toggle elements – Dynamic Data tags

* Added: WooCommerce builder – Shop – Category description element – Attribute description support

* Fixed: BeBuilder – Image element – SVG images without predefined dimensions do not show
* Fixed: BeBuilder – HTML element – Skip HTML code validation if iframe code is entered
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Missing Font Awesome icons if disabled on frontend

* Fixed: PHP 8.1 Deprecated: trim(): Passing null

Version 27.3.4 – January 25th, 2024​

* Added: BeBuilder – Image element – Custom height – Option to select container fit or fill
* Added: BeBuilder – Counter element – Option to add comma thousands separator

* Added: WooCommerce builder – Shop – Infinite load more
* Added: Query Loops – Arrows and dots – Responsive visibility options

* Fixed: BeBuilder – Image element – Custom alternative text different than set in Media Library
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Image element – SVG images width
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Single page import – Import builder elements containing Dynamic Data

* Fixed: Header Builder – Mobile – Sticky menu – Hide section on scroll
* Fixed: Query Loops – Filter by – Products on sale
* Fixed: Pre-built websites – Loading on some server configurations

* Fixed: Shop – ‘Buy now’ button – Custom button – Border color & box-shadow
* Fixed: Shop – Single Product – ‘Sale’ label position
* Fixed: Shop – Single Product – Duplicated variation swatches for product shortcode

* Fixed: BeBuilder Blocks Classic – Minor php warning
* Fixed: PHP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool

* Improved: BeBuilder – Local styles save – 5x less data send

v27.3.5 – January 30th, 2024
* Added: BeBuilder – Shop Slider element – Add to cart button
* Added: Templates: Single Portfolio – Navigation arrows

* Fixed: BeBuilder – Responsive Visibility field – Hide on mobile
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Shop element – Product title styles
* Fixed: Side Slide menu – Menu Burger element – Link hover

* Fixed: Buttons – Style: Custom – Icon position right – unwanted padding removed
* Fixed: Theme Options – The page does not load if constants are missing in the wp-config file
* Fixed: Theme Options – Backup – export format changed to JSON

* Fixed: BeBuilder Blocks Classic – Fancy Heading element – Title tag select

February 6th, 2024​

* Fixed: BeBuilder – Builder loading – Unexpected JS error
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Image element – Custom height & Open popup on link click
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Shop element – Pagination: Infinite loading

* Fixed: WooCommerce builder – Single product – Sidebar

* Fixed: RTL – Buttons – Icon position
* Fixed: WPML plugin – Templates: Blog

v27.3.7 – February 20th, 2024
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Drag and drop wrap into another wrap
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Builder 2 SEO – Escape HTML tags function removed
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Navigator – Query Loop type: Slider
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Clone section containing nested wraps
* Fixed: Popup builder – Gallery images lightbox
* Fixed: Shop – Fake sale notification – Skip free products
* Fixed: Mobile – Scroll to ID – Incorrect header height calculation
* Fixed: Mobile – Classic menu – Background overlay on scroll
* Fixed: Layer Slider plugin – z-index
* Updated: WooCommerce 8.6 – Outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files

v27.4.4 – May 27th, 2024
* Added: Buttons – Additional style options and separate Shop button styles

* Fixed: BeBuilder – Section – Background attachment: Parallax
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Hover Color element – Color fields id
* Fixed: BeBuilder – Re-editing elements with position: absolute [74432]

* Fixed: Popup builder – Reset popup conditions after pre-built website importing
* Fixed: Page Options – Checkbox fields
* Fixed: Single post & Single portfolio – Subheader settings
* Fixed: Query Loops – Load more button – Missing Images Loaded JS plugin

* Fixed: Performance – Builder local styles: Inline in header – Include templates: Blog, Portfolio & WooCommerce

* Fixed: BeBuilder Blocks Classic – HTML & HotSpot elements, elements icons
* Fixed: BeBuilder Blocks Classic – Missing some new elements icons

* Improved: WooCommerce Builder – Missing woocommerce_archive_description hook added

* 2 Pre-built websites: Blogger 5, Adventure 3
* 2 Elementor pre-built websites: Blogger 5, Adventure 3

v27.4.5 – June 12th, 2024​
* Included: BeBuilder – Change over wrap to global
* Included: BeBuilder – Replicating components between pages inside a domain
* Included: BeBuilder – Including components to an purge segment – the wrapper is included automatically

* Included: BeBuilder – Button component – Box shadow and Symbol color styles
* Included: BeBuilder – Typography field – Negative letter spacing
* Included: BeBuilder – Edge field – Set 0 for completely situated elements

* Included: Subject Alternatives – Color field – Color picker colors palette, characterized in Subject Options
* Included: Subject Alternatives – Responsive – Portable substance arrange (Sidebar over the content)
* Included: BeBuilder Pieces Classic – Color picker colors palette, characterized in Topic Options
* Included: Inquiry Circles – Slider – Direct liveliness mode

* Settled: BeBuilder – Portfolio component – Copied extend title and HTML heading tag
* Settled: BeBuilder – Area – Custom tallness – After changing to the default tallness, the esteem from the custom setting being used
* Settled: BeBuilder – Segment – Dull – Button text style color is abrogated [74713]
* Settled: BeBuilder – Wrap – Sticky – Balanced esteem vanishes after selecting another element
* Settled: BeBuilder – Shape divider – Foot height
* Settled: BeBuilder – Change field – Live preview

* Settled: Header Builder – Symbol component – Width option
* Settled: BeBuilder Squares Classic – Incapable to resize a few elements

* Settled: Single Post – Intro header – Header & Subheader picture – Set as background
* Settled: Safari browser – Login modular – Press on an input field

* Moved forward: BeBuilder – Table of Substance component – Numerous headings with the same title

v27.5 – June 26th, 2024

WooCommerce Builder: Cart, Checkout, and Thank you page builder added
WooCommerce Builder – Single product – Add to Cart element – Variations label placement added

Templates: Blog & Portfolio – Requirements added Pick all categories option

BeBuilder: Edit element without properties fixed
BeBuilder – Global wraps – Putting the same global parts on a single page fixed
Fixed: BeBuilder – Global wraps: The choices in the dropdown menu presets vanish after a few changes to the global wrap
BeBuilder – Turn off parallax in the builder preview window fixed
Fixed: BeBuilder: Parallax background; image always takes up the entire backdrop

Header Builder – Active menu item – ‘current-menu-ancestor’ and ‘current-product_cat-ancestor’ classes support
Fixed: Popup Builder: Slider inside popup; initialize slider when popup opens
Stuck: Mode of footer: Sliding: Recalculating to let styles load

Fixed: Section Query Loops: Every responsive view shows the desktop wrappers and element sizes.
Query Loops – Post tag fixed

2 pre-made websites: Craft Beer 3, City Hall 2.
City Hall 2, Craft Beer 3, two pre-built websites with Elementor

BeTheme Free Download: Demo and Sales

We also provide a demo form so that you can determine whether or not it is worth it before moving forward with anything. A demo is very important before moving forward with anything.

Demo Website Link:

BeTheme Free Download: Documentation

In the event that you are under the impression that we would provide assistance for this specialized topic, please be aware that this is not something that can be accomplished. In the event that you possess the financial resources necessary to get the official theme, you ought to proceed with the official theme that you have just acquired. In addition to that, you will be provided with assistance and updates in real time.

Those who are unable to pay for this BeTheme Free Download can download it from our website without any reservations. If you are interested in a new update, you should return to our website, download the updated version, and then manually upload it.

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BeTheme v27.4.5 WP Theme

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